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Lëtz Art ASBL was established in 2019 with the idea of using art as a means of combating social challenges in Luxembourg. It harnesses the potentials and creativity of art to complement traditional solutions currently being implemented towards the fight against social vices such as domestic abuse, racism, and more.

Its founding members, with their diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, all share the same passion for seeing a more inclusive, peaceful and progressive society. As a non-profit organisation, Lëtz Art would like to make the most of people's appreciation for art to communicate and increase awareness of pressing social issues.

We believe a better, more inclusive, peaceful and progressive society is achievable ...together.

Our Goal

To foster peaceful coexistence in society however culturally diverse we are;

Increase public awareness of pressing social issues such as domestic violence, drug abuse, gender inequalities, racism and more;

Render support and voice to victims and vulnerable groups in society;

To offer an alternative and more creative means of furthering corporate and private effort in societal development.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We dream of a Luxembourg society free of social vices where all are equal, supportive of our shared values, and respectful of one another.

We Value Your Support!

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