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With the partnership and financial support of:

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A socio-economic integration project for newcomers and BPIs, third-country nationals, creators and entrepreneurs.

Participate in and explore our Tricot workshops, business meet-ups and expert consultations and coaching for your small business and project launch.

Project overview

What's in a name?


  • A design modelling theory that emphasises the focus on three key factors in the efficient implementation of projects

  • Three is the most apt number of things to commit to memory

  • ‘tricoter’ (French) - to knit  


What’s in the project?


  • ±100 annual participants


  • 10 years overall project lifecycle 

  • From September 2024 to August 2026 (first cycle)



  • 15 Workshops annually 

  • 5 Business Meet-ups (discussion events) annually 

  • 20 consulting/coaching sessions (10-hour sessions)


TRICOT is a socio-economic development and integration project with the aim of supporting local residents and newcomers, BPIs, third-country nationals and entrepreneurs through practical training and coaching. The name is intended to drive home the importance of its focus on three main activities to develop and build the capacities of our participants. The goal is to equip a growing number of people taking the initiative to sustainably create and launch their businesses and social projects. Therefore, the TRICOT workshops offer practical steps for optimal project realisation, grouped into three sub-topics of Production and Sales, Administration and Management, and Finance and Bookkeeping, summarised for ease of understanding, transferability, implementation and review. 

Young People at a Workshop


The TRICOT workshops stands part for its easily understandable and practical content focuses on three key business and project management areas.

Participation is free with a certificate issued upon successful completion of workshop. Register here to participate.

Two Journalists

Consultations & coaching

Take advantage of free one-on-one meetings and coaching sessions to develop a project, business and sales plan, or receive administrative assistance for the registration or dissolution of your small businesses

Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experts or partners at the House of Entrepreneurship, Kirchberg.

Conference Table

Business Meet-ups

The Business Meet-ups by Lëtz Art is a series of convivial lunch discussion events with established entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts and public figures designed to inspire and inform. It is a periodic meeting where budding entrepreneurs have the opportunity to learn, network as a part of a community. Register here to join.

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