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Featuring paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photography and performances from 30 artists and the participation of visitors. 

With the partnership and financial support of:


An exhibition of the circle of domestic abuse and violence

Project overview

UGEGRAFF is a social art project that was created by the artist UNO to represent what happens when someone or something is ‘ugegraff’, attacked. The circle of violence, specifically that of domestic violence, stands in the focus of this project. 


Domestic violence often happens outside of the public view and inside private spaces, and only the effects or aftermath become visible in the public sphere. 


In the context of this project, art will stand as a substitute for the victims of domestic violence, and the recreation of this often-hidden circle of violence will begin during the opening event.


The art in question will consist of contributions from various artists from the broader Luxembourg society. During the vernissage, the contributed artwork will be attacked, damaged, and, to some extent destroyed – depicting the first step in the circle of violence: the act of inflicting harm, the damage and destruction of something beautiful and precious. 


After violence and trauma, however, often comes a period of mending, restoring and healing. That is why, over the period of the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to help ‘treat’ and restore the wounds left on the artworks – whether that be by putting the pieces of canvas back together, gluing broken pieces of ceramics back together etc. The restored artworks will be exhibited with their scars and new visual identities. 


As part of the public and social impact of the project, events, roundtables and other social gatherings can be organised to continue the discussion about the impact of violence on both our local and the wider global society. 

Artist participation

To participate in the UGEGRAFF exhibition, artists are invited to submit their application using the online form below.

Participating Artists

To be announced!

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